We moeten toch echt een keer van Facebook af..

Wat een rotzooi is het daar toch..!!

En we hebben het meestal niet eens in de gaten..

Chatten gaan we voortaan via doen en ik ga zeker een kanaal aanmaken bij Real.Video

Check deze platvormen eens uit..

Je kunt mij vinden bij onder de username “momsmagnet”




Thank you for requesting a content channel with

Be sure to whitelist with your email service provider so that you can successfully receive our emails. (Gmail is especially fond of blocking our emails without justification as yet another form of censorship.)

We recommend you use as your email provider because it’s encrypted.

We will review the information you’ve provided, and within a few weeks, we will begin contacting content creators with an “invitation code” that will allow you to choose a username on and activate your account to begin uploading videos.

Note that your uploaded videos will be reviewed by our content staff, and they won’t go live until launch day (July 4th). It is to your advantage to upload as many of your videos as early as possible so that they exist in the system when we launch. From your video channel, once it is activated, you will be able to see video views, edit video properties, delete videos and perform other video management functions for your channel.

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Thank you,
– Mike Adams